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  • Workshop : GTL Systems Approach Workshop at MIT


    Date: 20th March, 2017. Place :  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America

     10 selected students from U-Tokyo visited MIT, and conducted presentation about their projects or research using Systems Approach and method.

    Through international and essential communication with professors and students in MIT, visiting students could reconsider their topics and also have better understanding.
    Also we introduced GTL activities, and it was a good opportunity for upcoming international relationship.

    Look of visiting

    Look of workshop

      A lot of great members had come.

    Look of presentation

      Presentation of his PhD research

    Look of discussion

      Good communication was observed after presentation

    Students from U-Tokyo

      Visiting U-Tokyo team was composed of international students.

  • Symposium: Cooperative Global Human Resources Development at the University of Tokyo with MIT and Industries -Cultivation of human resources in Japanese Maritime Industries- was successfully finished


    Date: March 2nd, 2017 Place: Takeda Hall, the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus)

     GTL held the symposium on the new cooperative educational research taking place at the University of Tokyo with MIT and industry. Collaborating with MIT as well as industries, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences has been promoting the Industry and Academia Partnership since 2014, focusing on global human resources development. The symposium introduced human resources development program within the Japan Maritime cluster which has been implemented this year, and discuss future developments.



      Lecture by Shinjiro Mishima, President and CEO of Japan Marine United Corporation

    Panel Discussion

      Active discussion was held about future of marine industry

  • (Japanese) 全学体験ゼミナール 先端研究体験学習 柏サイエンスキャンプにて夜間講義を行いました。

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

  • Special Seminar by Ira Winder from MIT Media Lab was held.

    As a part of Global Teamwork Lab activity, GTL hosted a seminar by Ira Winder from MIT Media Lab. GTL(Global Teamwork Lab) is a team for education and research jointly by GSFS and MIT.
    [Special Seminar by Ira Winder]
    Time: Feb 10th. 13:00-14:00.
    Venue: Lecture Room 2, Environment Building (2nd floor)
    Language: English
    Speaker: Ira Winder, Research Scientist at MIT Media lab

    Look of seminar

      Fine and attractive presentation

      Participants were almost students.


    The Tactile Matrix, or Tangible Interactive Matrix is a system for an illuminated, machine-readable matrix of objects that performs real-time computation and dynamic projection-mapping. The Tactile Matrix is applied to many research projects to make complex systems intuitive and approachable for a more broad range of stakeholders.
    Illuminated, tangible-interactive matrices have immediate applications as collaborative computation tools for users who want to leverage matrix-based mathematical modeling techniques within a friendly and accessible environment. The system is designed as an open source kit of both off-the-shelf items (such as Lego) and components that are inexpensively fabricated with standard equipment (such as laser cutters).
    The Tactile Matrix is designed to (a) make matrix-based mathematical methods more accessible and intuitive to users who otherwise do not have access to such tools and/or (b) provide an interactive narrative and story-telling device for experts who wish to present or explain matrix-based concepts to non-experts.
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