What's New

  • Systems approach workshop (Report: workshop at MIT in March) will be held on June 7th. Click here for details.

  • As part of the collaboration between GSFS and MIT, 30 MIT students will visit Kashiwa-no-ha on Feb. 1st and we will hold

  • Call for Participants: GTL Systems Approach Workshop 2018 at MIT1. Program OverviewGTL(Global Teamwork Lab) is a team fo

  • Project Associate Professor Bryan Moser has been named academic director and senior lecturer for MIT System Design &

  • Project Associate Professor Bryan Moser has won the MIT Award: Teaching with Digital Technology 2017.To view more conten

  • Collaboration project between UTokyo and MIT was introduced in Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

  • As part of MIT Industry-Frontier Science Collaboration Program 2016, the presentation meeting was held on 5/17 in MIT.Th

  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge (ISAC) was held on April. 29th.

  • On Oct. 29th,the 4rd GTL Workshop “Advanced Teamwork Experiments fot Complex System Engineering” was held at

  • Kickoff meeting of UTokyo and MIT project was held

  • updated the information of NASA ISAC 2016 in BOSTON.

  • updated the information of NASA ISAC 2016 in BOSTON.

  • On Mar. 10th-11th, the 3rd GTL Symposium “Multidisciplinary Graduate Education for Research University” will

  • GTL highlighted in Nikkan-Kogyo news

  • On Oct. 23rd, the 2nd GTL Symposium “Project Design for Complex Global Engineering” will be held at Kashiwan

  • the 1st GTL Symposium “Innovation and Performance Across Boundaries” was held at KOIL.

  • GTL has been taken up by the GSFS’s homepage.